Russel J. Reiter





 Dr. Russel J. Reiter is Professor of Cell Biology in the Department of Cell Systems and Anatomy at the UT Health, San Antonio, Texas, USA, In addition to his Ph.D. degree, Dr. Reiter has received three honorary M.D. degrees and one honorary D.Sc. degree from international universities. His research relates to the multiple receptor-independent and receptor-dependent actions of melatonin in humans, animals and plants. He has trained 25 Ph.D. students and 144 postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Reiter has received numerous awards for his research including the A. Ross McIntyre Gold Metal (USA), US Senior Scientist Award (Germany), Lizoni Lincee Award (Italy), Inaugural Aaron B. Lerner Pioneer Award (USA), Chulabhorn Royal Academy Medal (Thailand), etc. He has published numerous research papers, reviews and chapters and he has written or edited 25 books. Based on Google Scholar, his papers have been cited in the scientific literature more than 135,000 times and his h-index is 179. Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics have identified Dr. Reiter as a Highly Cited Scientist (top 1%) and listed him as one of the World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2014. Dr. Reiter has been an invited speaker at more than 300 international meetings and symposia. He is the Co-Editor of Melatonin Research and he is the Founder and past Editor of the Journal of Pineal Research.

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