Luis Izquierdo





  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Veritas Genetics Europe, Latam, MMEE.

  • Head of Medical Genetics Iberia & Latin America.
  • Head of Genetics LabCo Madrid.
  • Consultant Medical Genetics.
  • Head of Genetic Counseling Unit , Hospital Universitario Sanitas La Moraleja.
  • Head of the Genetic Counseling Unit, Fundació Hospital de Nens de Barcelona.


«Whole genome sequence in preventive medicine,  a tool to live healthier and longer»

Whole genome sequence in preventive medicine, a tool to live healthier and longer.

In 2003 the first draft was completed with the complete sequence of the human genome, the so-called instruction book of our cells and therefore of our body. The information contained in our genome is responsible for the proper functioning of our body and by default, if it contains wrong instructions, it is responsible for the disease.

Each genome is unique, it is our personal and unrepeatable manual and it contains a huge amount of information about us. This combination of individuality and wealth of data makes genomics so powerful and the basis of a new medicine, individualized or personalized medicine and also called precision medicine, concepts with slight technical differences between them but that allow prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a sick person based on their genomic information.

Until now we used the capacity of analysis and interpretation of the genome to diagnose diseases, but when the symptoms of the disease had already appeared. If that analysis that we do in the sick person, we had done before the first symptoms appeared, perhaps we could have avoided or reduced the consequences of the disease.

We are moving the genome analysis from sick care to health care, detecting the genetic predisposition to disease.

We have developed a Biopipeline to analysed whole genome sequences from healthy individuals and we will present the results of the first 500 genomic checkup.



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