Juan Carlos Crespo



  • Profesor del Departamento de Farmacología, Pediatría y Radiología de la Universidad de Sevilla
  • Master en Medicina Antienvejecimiento y Longevidad. Universidad de Sevilla
  • Presidente de la Asociación Española de Medicina Integrativa (AESMI)
  • Miembro de SEMAL
  • Director Médico del Instituto de Revitalización Medica Integrativa


La revitalización en medicina estética y longevid

KEY WORDS: detoxification, endocrine disruptors, NK-1 receptor substance P

Climate change is today the most important and serious global environmental problem that the Earth suffers, It has an impact , in all its flora and fauna and also in human health.

Allergies increase. Autoimmune and degenerative diseases at earlier ages. The contamination follows a geometric progression, While human adaptation is an arithmetic progression.

We are living in our organism a process of biological adaptation. We are the generation of history that has seen more changes in a life in all the orders of the history of mankind.

We all have an unprecedented biological adptación process in human history.

We all have 400 to 700 blood trace substances, That 60 years ago nobody had. 30 years ago The normal leukocyte figures were between 2,500-5000, today, some 15,000. A normal patient today, , 30 years ago I was studied.

We must name the food Homotixicidad. A breathtaking industrializadad and refined diet, rich in preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, antioxidants, dyes, flavourings and a long etcetera with a large number of substances marketed.

The level of chemical intoxication is based on bioaccumulation as a tendency for a substance to accumulate in the tissues of living organisms, To be related to the hydrophobic and lipofíicas characteristics.

There are seven toxicity criteria:

  1. Acute lethality.
  2. Sublethal effects on non-mammalian species.
  3. Sublethal effects on plants.
  4.  Sublethal effects on mammals.
  5. Teratogeneicidad
  6. Genotoxicity/mutagenicity.
  7. Carcinogenicity.

All this makes us think, in the new challenge and justification of the social need today of in aesthetic medicine and longevity.

This is the proposal of the R.M.I. in 7 guidelines:

  1. Detoxify.
  2. Search for curative óbstales
  3. Regulation of internal organs.
  4. Supplementation level.
  5. Changes in life habits for the promotion of epigenetic changes.
  6. Aesthetic revitalization.
  7. Psychovitality: Modified relaxation techniques and NLP. (A.B.C. Exercises «toolbox»).

The seven phases are explained

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